The Wall SW80 8,0 kW сауны цахилгаан халаагч

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Бүтээгдэхүүний код: HSW800400M

Сертификат / Гэрчилгээжилт: CE EAC

Өрөөний хэмжээ: 7 m³-12 m³

Дэлгэрэнгүй үзүүлэлт: 


Harvia The Wall Black Steel electric heater for medium-sized sauna rooms combines minimalistic Scandinavian design and user-friendly operation with top quality. The Wall is a compact, stylish, and reliable ensemble, that is suitable for various types of sauna interiors. The heater's stylish black Steel color provides a modern touch for your sauna.

With the illuminated and easy-to-use control switches you can adjust the heaters temperature and timer when you want to take a warm sauna after an exercise session, for example. Heater can be installed in both left and right-handed directions. The practical form provides more flexibility when designing sauna interior: The Wall can be integrated in the sauna bench. 

Long service life is guaranteed by high quality materials and smart structures. Extra-long heating elements will last longer and transfer heat more smoothly to the stones and sauna room. The Wall Black Steel -heater has a sturdy structure and its design allows improved air circulation that levels off sauna rooms temperature, so that you can enjoy a steady warmth. The unique Harvia mounting/wall rack included in the delivery determines the minimum safety distance between the heater and the floor. Installing the heater is quick and easy.

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Утас: 96108848, 77118848

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