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Garage Doors

The garage has become an inseparable element in the design and construction of a modern single-family house - it is worth taking care of its functionality.

When planning your home’s construction, it is good to consider space arrangements that will allow you to store the means of transportation that we use everyday - cars and bicycles. The garage will effectively protect them against thieves and the harmful effects of various weather conditions. Convenient and functional use of it requires the selection of the right garage door. DAKO's offer includes comfortable, aesthetic, and durable garage doors for your home.

DAKO garage doors are:

  • The safety of garage users and its contents as well as optimal thermal insulation.
  • The beautiful appearance of the gates available in various variants.
  • The possibility of matching the appearance to other elements of the house and facade.
  • Saving space inside the garage and on the driveway thanks to the functional opening.
  • Comfortable operation of the garage door possible thanks to the use of a drive.

We present the 5 most important points to remember when choosing a garage door:

  • Durability 
    The main elements used during production, i.e., garage door panels and steel, significantly affect the final product’s durability and reliability. Made of the highest quality materials and equipped with proven and stable construction elements, it is a guarantee that the door will serve for many years.
  • Safety 
    The reliability of the garage door and the selection of appropriate security measures guarantee the safety of garage users (who are also children!). It is worth paying particular attention to the equipment with elements that ensure safety, such as overload switch, protection in the event of a cable and spring break, or the panel’s safe shape that does not allow the accidental crushing of fingers.
  • Installation 
    Properly carried out ensures smooth operation of the door and eliminates any possible heat losses that could reduce the garage’s thermal insulation properties.
  • Control 
    A properly selected, fast, and energy-saving drive facilitates the gate’s operation and guarantees comfortable use in various circumstances. A wide selection of additional accessories for the door drive allows its functions to be tailored to users’ needs and guarantees the maximum safety and comfort of door operation.
  • Appearance 
    The visual side of your joinery is the one that we pay the most attention to during use. If you want to live in a beautiful house - take care of beautiful doors, windows, gates, and roller shutters that match each other and your home. Due to the large surface, the gate becomes an essential element of the facade; it is especially worth taking care of its adaptation to the character and other aspects of the house.

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