Product nameTP 100-90/4 A-F-A-BAQE-IX3TP 100-130/4 A-F-A-BAQE-KX3TP 100-170/4 A-F-A-BAQE-LX3TP 100-200/4 A-F-A-BAQE-MX3
Product No96109034961092879610928896109289
EAN number5700396980003570039698264957003969826565700396982663
Pump speed on which pump data are based1445 rpm1455 rpm1455 rpm1455 rpm
Rated flow69.5 m³/h78.2 m³/h93 m³/h117 m³/h
Rated head8.08 m12.2 m15.4 m16.3 m
Maximum head90 dm130 dm170 dm200 dm
Actual impeller diameter
168 mm200 mm222 mm240 mm
Code for shaft sealBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQE
Curve toleranceISO9906:2012 3B2ISO9906:2012 3B2ISO9906:2012 3B2ISO9906:2012 3B2
Pump versionAAAA
Pump housingCast ironCast ironCast ironCast iron
Pump housingEN-GJL-250EN-GJL-250EN-GJL-250EN-GJL-250
Pump housingASTM class 35ASTM class 35ASTM class 35ASTM class 35
ImpellerCast ironCast ironCast ironCast iron
ImpellerASTM class 30ASTM class 30ASTM class 30ASTM class 30
Material codeAAAA
Range of ambient temperature-30 .. 60 °C-30 .. 60 °C-30 .. 60 °C-30 .. 60 °C
Maximum operating pressure16 bar16 bar16 bar16 bar
Max pressure at stated temp16 bar / 120 °C16 bar / 120 °C16 bar / 120 °C16 bar / 120 °C
Type of connectionDINDINDINDIN
Size of connectionDN 100DN 100DN 100DN 100
Pressure rating for connectionPN 16PN 16PN 16PN 16
Port-to-port length550 mm550 mm550 mm670 mm
Flange size for motorFF215FF215FF265FF265
Connect codeFFFF
Pumped liquidWaterWaterWaterWater
Liquid temperature range0 .. 120 °C0 .. 120 °C0 .. 120 °C0 .. 120 °C
Selected liquid temperature20 °C20 °C20 °C20 °C
Density998.2 kg/m³998.2 kg/m³998.2 kg/m³998.2 kg/m³
Electrical data
Motor type100LB112MC132SB132MB
IE Efficiency classIE3IE3IE3IE3
Rated power - P22.2 kW4 kW5.5 kW7.5 kW
Mains frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Rated voltage3 x 220-240D/380-415Y V3 x 380-415D V3 x 380-415D/660-690Y V3 x 380-415D/660-690Y V
Rated current8.50/4.90 A9.3 A11,0-11,0/6,35-6,35 A14,9-14,2/8,60-8,40 A
Starting current600-660 %790-870 %700-760 %680-780 %
Cos phi - power factor0.79-0.730.75-0.680.86-0.800.86-0.82
Rated speed1450 rpm1460 rpm1460 rpm1460 rpm
EfficiencyIE3 86,7%IE3 88,6%IE3 89,6%IE3 90,4%
Motor efficiency at full load86.7-87.0 %88.60%89.60%90.40%
Motor efficiency at 3/4 load87.70%88.90%90.30%91.60%
Motor efficiency at 1/2 load87.60%88.30%90.40%92.40%
Number of poles4444
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5)55 Dust/Jetting55 Dust/Jetting55 Dust/Jetting55 Dust/Jetting
Insulation class (IEC 85)FFFF
Motor No87270322873223308737026187370262
Frequency converterNONENONENONENONE
Net weight102 kg138 kg152 kg228 kg
Gross weight117 kg157 kg172 kg260 kg
Shipping volume0.38 m³0.4 m³0.4 m³0.75 m³
Danish VVS No.382765091382765131382765171382765202

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