NEO C-Metro Интерьер Дизайны төгс зохицол

NEO offers you almost limitless freedom to tailor a system that will satisfy every single one of your unique needs. Extending from basic mechanical NEO C-Metro switches and NEO-X scene control systems to highly sophisticated C-Bus interoperable technologies, NEO’s easily mix and matchable configurations, let you master everything from small zones to entire buildings. There’s even a range of comprehensive NEO ELV+ extra-low-voltage terminals for demanding hotel designers who wish to transform their guest rooms. More pleasingly still, all NEO products offer a consistently eye catching design that looks every bit as perfect. Featuring striking, grey-silver or white matte surfaces and glossy surrounds, the end result is a richly textured, multidimensional appeal that is sure to enrich even the most stylish modern interior. It’s the unique ability to discover and unleash new perspectives by using your knowledge and creativity to challenge conventional thinking. The future starts with a horizontal mindset.


Менежертэй холбогдох